Belhaven University fosters a learning environment where students can discover who they are in God’s design and mature in their ability impact the world through service to Christ and others. In addition to the learning that happens in the classroom, students have opportunities to dynamically develop through the specific divisions of Student Development, Student Care, Career and Calling, and the Bookstore.

Belhaven Student Development

Student Development

The Office of Student Development seeks to enhance the mission of the University by partnering with educational leaders and traditional students in the common goal of developing mature and discerning men and women who seek to impact the world through service to Christ and others.

Student development strives to create a just and caring community that will enhance traditional students’ awareness of personal calling and allows students to grow academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

Belhaven Bookstore

Belhaven Bookstore
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Belhaven Think Center

Student Care

The Office of Student Care at Belhaven includes services and programs designed to provide students with guidance, practical strategies, and support.

Belhaven Center for Career and Calling

Career and Calling

Belhaven's Career and Calling offers practical and spiritual preparation to our students, as future professionals through intentional, passion searching approaches.

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