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Bill Moak, Chair

Within the Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations degree program, students have the opportunity to learn about public relations as well as emphasis areas in sports communications and marketing. As a Christian liberal arts university, Belhaven trains individuals not only in their area of expertise, but also on the moral standards required to provide the waiting public with the best possible information. With the biblical worldview at the center, this degree program gives students the foundation they need to communicate the truth.

The exciting, growing and diverse field of public relations tries to build better relationships between businesses and the publics they serve. Nearly every company, agency and organization employs people who work in PR (even if they have different titles). Every organization needs people who can help craft and disseminate messages through the media, who can help management articulate policies and key messages, who can help bridge the gap between management and key publics, and who can plan for and deal with crises and emergency situations.

Drawing on Belhaven’s outstanding history and reputation as a Christ-centered institution, we are building a program which not only incorporates a Christian worldview, it will help prepare you to meet the rigorous demands of the public relations  profession. We’ll help you learn basic and advanced skills which will help prepare you for your career. As a goal of our program, we will work to prepare you to take the Certificate of Principles in Public Relations test, a certification you can take which indicates you’ve got the “basics” of PR down and you’re ready for employment.

What will I study?

Starting with the basic theories and practices of communication and understanding the media, students will build on that knowledge from a Christian perspective. Courses will help students understand how persuasive messages are crafted and distributed, the basics of writing and reporting, how to communicate using social media, and the history and background of modern public relations practice. Students will then move on to more advanced work in the field and will learn to apply their skills and knowledge to solving communications problems. All Public Relations majors will be required to complete an internship, where they can refine their knowledge in the workplace. Belhaven students will be encouraged to obtain the Certificate of Principles in Public Relations, a credential you can earn in your senior year and which will help you gain an advantage as you seek your first employment in the field.

What can I do with a Public Relations degree?

A Public Relations degree can help you hone your communications skills to be used in the workplace, regardless of your choice of career. Public Relations students might go on to a career in journalism, social media, television or radio management, marketing, advertising or other fields. Many Public Relations majors choose to have a career handling communications for a wide spectrum of companies and organizations.

Why choose a degree in Public Relations at Belhaven University?

The small class sizes, personalized instruction and career advisement set us apart from other universities. Our professors give you the tools to succeed and are committed to seeing you grow in your learning and support your spiritual development. We offer students exciting internship opportunities with local organizations and take students on educational field trips to different companies.  We also have a network of relationships with professionals in the communications field, to provide you with opportunities to write, edit and perform projects which can help you gain valuable experience.

What kind of opportunities will I have with a bachelor degree in Public Relations that will contribute toward my career?

  • National and local internship experiences give you valuable work experience in your chosen field of study.
  • Networking events and opportunities provide you with opportunities to connect and network. For example, Belhaven hosts an annual MAB on Campus Day, in partnership with the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters. And students are encouraged to join the Public Relations Association of Mississippi (PRAM), which offers students outstanding opportunities to network with and learn from Public Relations professionals, at a minimal cost.
  • Educational field trips to local media outlets and public relations agencies will allow you to get a first-hand look at the workplace.
  • And most communications (COM) classes feature visits from communications professionals, giving you valuable opportunities to network.

What are Belhaven past Communication/Public Relations graduates doing now?

  • Morning anchor for news station
  • Director of Public Relations for the Miss. Dental Association
  • Cooperative Executive for ECD HOPE
  • Director of In His Steps Ministries
  • Producer with WJTV
  • Public Relations Specialists for Ergon
  • Digital Content Specialist for WJTV
  • Media Specialist for Billy Graham
  • Master Control Operator at WLBT