June 22, 2011 (Jackson) - After 32 years of devoted service at Belhaven University, Dr. Philip Kelly has retired from teaching. He will be trading his lab coat for a Hawaiian shirt, a periodic table for the morning paper, and a beaker for a glass of sweet tea.

Dr. Kelly started teaching at Belhaven in 1979 and was the Professor and Chair of Chemistry/Physics Department and Division of Natural Sciences. Those who had the opportunity to work alongside him or be one of the many students who passed through his classroom have been tremendously affected by his teaching.

A retirement dinner and reception was held April 28 in the H.C. Bailey Dining Commons to honor Dr. Kelly. Dr. Al Chestnut, Chair of the Biology Department, had this to say about Dr. Kelly, “The one word I would use to describe Dr. Kelly would be ‘refreshing’. I was always amazed at the patience he had while teaching or answering questions. Not only did he teach with clarity but, he would spend countless hours helping students and investing in people’s lives. We will miss him and never forget the legacy of a devoted professor, colleague, and brother in Christ!”