New Graphic Design Club Begins at BelhavenNovember 7, 2017 (Jackson, Miss.) - Belhaven's Graphic Design Department announces the creation of a new organization, S.P.E.C. (StudentPartnership forExpandingCreativity) Graphic Design Club. Students who join will use graphic design to provide design solutions to serve the community from a Christian prospective.

Gigi Turner, chair and associate professor of graphic design said, “I am excited about the work of Belhaven University's first graphic design club, S.P.E.C. I have wanted the students in the department to have an opportunity to do work in the community for a long time, and this will be a way for this to happen. We have an exciting year planned for the club.”

S.P.E.C. will take part in a number of outreach and community service projects. “We are beginning a recycling initiative within our department, to reuse waste within the department.” Each year officers will look for new projects and ways to cultivate membership and outreach.