Homeschool Friendly AwardMay 17, 2018 (Jackson, Miss.) - Belhaven University was recently honored as one of the country's Most Home-School Friendly Colleges by Alpha Omega Publications. One college or university was selected from each state, based on high reviews and a history of accepting homeschoolers. Belhaven was recognized alongside other prestigious colleges such as Auburn University, Union University, Wheaton College, and Biola University.

“We love home-schoolers,” said Belhaven President Dr. Roger Parrott.“MaryLou, my wife, and I home-schooled our own children all the way through. At Belhaven we understand the unique learning style of home-schoolers and they will find a new 'home' at Belhaven.”

Approximately 22% of the University's current freshmen class were home educated. Isabella Pittman, a junior chemistry major and home-schooler, said, "Coming from a home-school background, I wasn't sure what to expect when I first attended Belhaven. Fortunately, the University has not only met my expectations, but has in many waysexceeded them. The small classes enableme to get to know myprofessors and better understand course material, while thecampusatmosphere makes Belhaven feel like a second home.”

Special programs such as High Scholars and Belhaven Dual Enrollment are beneficial to home-schoolers and help them earn college credit. These programs are unique in that they use a Christian perspective that integrates high school course work in history, literature and the arts, while supplementing the other subjects being studied in school or home-school.