Arts Discover Day 2019October 18, 2019 (Jackson, Miss.) - Arts Discover Day on November 15, 2019 will give students who are interested in the arts a look into what makes Belhaven a premier Christian arts university.

This day is an important step for potential students deciding on a career in the arts, and it helps them discover what type of degree they might want to pursue. Professors who teach and love the arts will be ready to take questions, give advice, and provide information about art careers.

When potential students attend one of Belhaven's Discover Days, the University will add $1000 to their first year scholarship package.

Visiting students will tour the campus and see how the University's modern facilities provide a creative space to practice and learn the arts. Students will enjoy workshops, classes, student panels, meals, performances and the opportunity to meet others with a passion for the arts. Participants can also have their portfolios reviewed, audition and learn more about scholarships and financial aid.

Belhaven's arts programs:
Creative Writing
Film Production
Graphic Design
Marching Band
Visual Art

Auditions will be happening throughout the day. Dance auditions will be held on a separate day. Visit Belhaven Dance Auditions for more information.

Parents are also encouraged to attend, as there are sessions and events specifically designed to address their questions and concerns.