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Message for Birmingham Southern Students Seeking to Transfer

We are praying for you in this challenging time and want to be of assistance to you as you determine your next college decision.

Belhaven University Launches New Master's Degree in Counseling

Belhaven University is proud to announce the launch of its newest graduate program, the Master of Arts in Counseling.

School of Nursing Reduces Cost and Time of RN to BSN Program

Belhaven’s School of Nursing announced a major change that will make its RN to BSN program the most affordable and fastest in the state.

Belhaven University Launches High-Demand Data Science Degree

Belhaven University is excited to launch the Master of Science in Data Science(MSDS) degree program, with classes set to begin April 29, 2024.

Program to Award Scholarships for Visiting Belhaven University

Belhaven University is offering a $1,000 scholarship for students who visit campus. The Be Our Guest program is for both high school and transfer...

Belhaven University Announces Seven New Academic Offerings

Belhaven University is launching seven new academic offerings that will be available for new and continuing students.

Belhaven introduces Classical Education Major

In response to the growing Christian classical education movement, Belhaven College introduces a Classical Education major.