Student Care is here to support students across various disciplines with academic concerns they may encounter. Let’s get started on guiding you on the path to academic achievement.

Why are advising and registration important?

  • Correct Classes – it is important that students register for classes that are required for their degree; otherwise, financial aid will not pay for the tuition for these courses, and academic progress could be impacted.
  • Selecting Times – students have many demands facing them including arts, athletics, work, clubs, and more. Academic advisors help students plan their class schedule to fit around all these demands and adjust their plans without derailing their educational goals.
  • Staying on Track for Graduation – our goal is to see our students graduate in their chosen field of study and find a career they love. This starts with staying on track for graduation. Academic advisors can provide valuable advice about course offering schedules or help students weigh the pros and cons of withdrawing from a class.
  • Balanced Schedule – Student Care wants every student to be the best version of themselves. To help set students up for academic success, academic advisors work with students to help them create a balanced schedule each semester to avoid a semester full of major classes and another full of electives—the goal is to find a happy medium with a little of both.

When does registration happen?

  • Returning Students
    • October: Pre-Registration for Spring
    • March: Pre-Registration for Summer & Fall
  • New Students will register for Fall over the summer—typically beginning in May. An academic advisor will contact students to schedule an appointment to register.

While we are not these students’ academic planning advisors, we are still available to help them with any academic concerns! All students also have a faculty mentor in their field of study. Faculty mentors can provide insight on internship opportunities, career advice, elective recommendations, or information specific to a student’s major.

Student Care advises most students EXCEPT students majoring in:

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Engineering
  • Chemistry

Advising and Registration FAQ

Yes! Traditional students are allowed to take up to 2 online classes per semester but only one per 7-week module. Returning traditional students must have a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, entering freshmen must have a minimum 3.0 high school GPA, and transfers must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA to be eligible to enroll in an online course. There are certain online classes that are not open to traditional students. For more information about available online classes, ask an academic advisor.

There is not a specific number required each semester. Full-time status is a minimum of 12 credit hours. Students must be full-time to qualify for Belhaven scholarships and at least 12 hours must count in the student’s academic program to be eligible for federal financial aid. If a student receives Mississippi state aid, they must enroll in a minimum of 15 credit hours to receive their state aid. Dropping below full-time status can affect financial aid (dropping below 15 hours can also affect MS state aid), athletic eligibility, campus housing, and academic program eligibility (free masters and double major).

The first week of classes is called the Add/Drop period. Students can add classes through Friday of the 1st week of class. Students can drop classes through Sunday of the 1st week of class. Student Care is available in the Student Center during the first week of class during lunch to help students with any schedule adjustments, or you can swing by the Think Center for help. Always consult with an advisor to make sure the changes being made to your schedule will not adversely affect your financial aid. After the 1st week of class, dropping a class is withdrawing, which requires submitting a form through Blazenet. Withdrawing can have financial, athletic, and academic implications. Students should speak with their academic advisors and financial aid prior to submitting withdrawal forms!

You must complete a Major/Minor Selection form and get it signed by the department chair(s) of your new major(s). Once you have completed the form, it needs to be taken to the Registrar’s Office (Preston 203) or emailed to them ( for processing. Please note: majors are only updated at the beginning and end of terms. Your major change will be processed, but it will not become effective until the start of the next term. If you are an incoming student and wish to change your major, please contact your admission counselor, and they will help you with this process.

Faculty submit their course materials to the campus bookstore. You can visit the Bookstore website and search for your courses to view the materials you need for classes. There are options to rent and purchase your course materials online, or you can visit the bookstore on campus.

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