We have many resources to help students through the process of deciding on a major/career path. It is completely normal to begin college unsure of career plans, but there are some things students should be doing to help themselves along in the decision of a major and ultimately your career plan.

How to Choose a Major

Strengths discovery is important to understand when deciding on a major. During a students' freshman year, they will enroll in a class called BU 101: Belhaven Basics. Through this class, students will complete a Strengths Quest Assessment and discuss what their results mean and how they contribute to their academic success as well as their success in the pursuit of a certain career. If students need more in-depth, personalized testing, Birkman-Career Guidance Assessment Testing can be used at a special price for Belhaven students.

Personality plays a very important role in how students will perform in certain majors and in the career they choose to pursue. There are many tests students can take that can help them discover how their personality fits into certain careers. Contact our office for testing information.

Students should ask themselves questions.

  • What do I enjoy?
  • What subjects and activities do I succeed in?

Asking questions like these will help students determine if they should pursue fields of study or take certain classes in reference to their career plan. Freshmen and sophomore year is the perfect time to enroll in various classes from different majors. After enrolling in core classes (WVC), students should pick an entry-level class in a couple of majors they are interested in. Taking these classes early will give students a very clear idea if they would enjoy AND succeed in a particular degree/career field. These classes will count as electives, and if taken early on, may prevent students from getting too far along in a certain major and deciding to switch later.

If you discover a class or a job title that sparks your interest, research it!

  • Search career websites online
  • Look for specific job opportunities open now
  • Find salaries
  • Inquire of the job's typical hours
  • Get a feel of what it would be like to have the job

This research can also give a student a clear idea of the requirements of that career such as graduate school and years of experience.

LifeQuest Office

Dr. Vicki Wolfe

Phone: 601-973-5019

Associate Vice President of Academic Support


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