Understand the Real Cost of College

Attending college is one of the most important financial decisions of your life. Yes, it’s expensive, but most families considering a certain school only look at the sticker price. Because this quick glance doesn’t tell the entire story, it can lead to uninformed decisions. We’ve assembled some other factors to consider as you make this difficult choice.

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Real Cost of College Video Series

​​​​​​​Factors to Consider

The Wall Street Journal reports that today’s students will change careers no less than 7 times. That’s why Belhaven wants to fuel your academic passions and help you take advantage of your career options with the Belhaven Advantage.

We offer two programs unlike anywhere else that will save you up to $48,000! These programs will give you a significant competitive advantage as you launch your future career.

Schools award scholarships using different factors. While other institutions focus heavily on “merit” scholarships, or financial awards based on activities, Belhaven focuses on the big picture and what’s truly best for you. We base your general scholarship amount on the following items:

  • Academic ability
  • Financial need
  • ​​​​​How being a student at Belhaven will benefit you

It’s becoming popular for some schools to “reset” their tuition by dramatically lowering it. When this happens, scholarships are lowered by the same amount. As a result, you end up paying the same amount out of pocket — even though the sticker price is much lower.

Before Tuition Reset

  • $56,000: 4 Year Cost of Tuition / Room / Board
  • $16,000: Amount of Your Scholarship
  • $40,000: Real Cost of School

After Tuition Reset

  • $46,000: 4 Year Cost of Tuition / Room / Board
  • $6,000: Amount of Your Scholarship
  • $40,000: Real Cost of School

When considering a school’s total cost, you also want to factor in its housing and dining (commonly known as “board”) charges.

Yes, living at home is an option, but that isn’t totally free. After all, you still have to eat and drive to campus. Plus, non-residential students miss out on a vital part of the college experience.

Belhaven offers an easy, safe, and affordable transition from home living to college living. You’ll have the opportunity to live on campus all four years, avoiding the hassle and expense of off-campus housing.

A school’s “total” cost doesn’t always factor in its fees. Some schools add — or bulk up — these fees to keep their tuition prices low. You may pay extra for things like parking or activities you’ll never be at, especially if you’re attending a public university.

Many students come to Belhaven from other states because we’re about half the price of schools in their region. For the price of a few plane tickets, they gain a huge cost savings. Belhaven also has the advantage of being in a great area: a metropolitan city with a lot to do, including shopping, restaurants, and fun experiences.

At most schools, textbooks cost between $500-1,000 per semester. At Belhaven, faculty members are conscious of cost and work to pick less expensive books, use books that can be rented, and, where possible, assign free resources.

We also provide textbooks for your required courses in literature and math. These books are given free of charge to all students. No other school does that.

Double major graduate

The Belhaven Advantage

Fuel your academic passions and expand your career options. Belhaven offers our freshmen a unique deal: double major, and we’ll pay the tuition if you need a fifth year in school. Double major in two arts programs, pair a business degree with a STEM major … the possibilities are endless!

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