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Dr. Randall Smith, Chair

Belhaven University is the only Christian university in the US offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing and one of only 26 undergraduate institutions offering such a degree.

Belhaven stands alone as the only Christian college offering a Bachelor of Fine Arts in creative writing; furthermore, Belhaven is one of only 26 undergraduate institutions in the United States offering such a degree. This fully accredited degree program offers the creative writing major a chance to rise above the ordinary and reach new heights in the art of writing.
Philosophically, the creative writing program at Belhaven University, rejects the existential premise that a writer merely finds personal meaning through writing, that there is no absolute body of truth outside of one's own perceptions. The writing program posits, instead, that knowable absolutes exist and point to God as He is revealed in Christ. We believe we can clarify values and positions by our writing; we can discover wonderful truths and mysteries which God has wrapped into creation -we cannot, however, create truth ourselves. This biblical worldview is at the foundation of the creative writing degree.

Students accepted to this program are encouraged to submit works to the Brogue (the Belhaven journal of fine arts) and to regional and national creative writing journals and contests. Please see "Student Awards and Publications" for an extensive list of student accomplishments over the past several years.

Read the byFaith article (PDF) which acknowledges the Belhaven Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing as a cutting edge program in Christian higher education.

What will I study?

  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Advanced Writing Workshops in Fiction, Poetry, Creative Nonfiction, Scriptwriting, Screenwriting and Playwriting
  • Special Topics Writing Workshops in Writing for Children, Long Fiction and Research for Writers
  • Application Courses Including Principles of Editing, Procedures in Publishing, Graphic Design and Newswriting
  • Career Development Courses Including Mission and Calling for Writers and Internships
  • Small-Group Meetings for Writers (Colloquy)
  • History of Western Literature from the Hebrews, Greeks and Romans through Contemporary Writers

What can I do with a Creative Writing degree?

  • Start your own career as a writer
  • Teach in public or private schools
  • Attend graduate school in creative writing, English, linguistics or literary translation
  • Write for newspapers or magazines, both online and print
  • Edit for a publisher or printer
  • Write copy for an advertising firm
  • Work in public relations or graphic design
  • Assist any organization that relies upon written communication

Why choose a degree in Creative Writing at Belhaven University?

You will have access to knowledgeable professors who actively publish fiction, poetry, plays and essays. The creative writing facilities on campus have a dedicated smart classroom, private study and writing lab just for writing students. We also bring in two visiting writers every year to give you the chance to learn from others outside our campus. Our department takes field trips to writing festivals and conferences so you can learn about the latest in creative writing. We encourage you to submit your work and participate in Belhaven's award-winning fine arts journal, the Brogue.
What kind of opportunities will I have in my major that will contribute toward my career?

  • Mission and Calling Portfolio after a 120-hour internship field experience
  • Editorial work on the Brogue
  • Service as a departmental assistant
  • In-depth knowledge of The Chicago Manual of Style
  • Numerous opportunities to submit your writing for external publication
  • Participation in writing contests and awards
  • Resume workshops
  • Senior Creative Thesis and Aesthetics Research Paper

What are Belhaven creative writing graduates doing now?

  • Independent bookseller and artist
  • Public and Private high-school teachers/Reading specialists
  • Visiting Professor at other universities
  • Copywriter for an advertising firm
  • Filmmaker
  • Public relations specialist