Creative Writing Bibliography

Creative Writing:
A Faith and Learning Bibliography

Prepared by
Randall A. Smith, Ph.D., Martha G. Krystaponis, Joy E. Patterson, and Deanna J. Vanderver

Below you will find an extensive bibliography of books and resources related to creative writing, composition, and aesthetics. The bibliography is divided into the following categories:

While compiling the bibliography, the editors attempted to balance general and focused research. On the one hand, we included books related to the broad field of creative writing, from pedagogy to practice. On the other hand, we included many books related specifically to the intersection of a biblical, or Christian, worldview and creativity, composition, and aesthetics. Overall, the bibliography should prove useful to teachers, students, and writers regardless of worldview perspective. If you have suggestions for other works to include, please contact Dr. Randall Smith (Creative Writing Department Chair, Belhaven University, Jackson, MS) at

Parenthetical material at the end of individual bibliographical entries indicates call numbers or holdings for the Belhaven University Warren A. Hood Library.