Portfolio Requirements for BFA Candidates

For admission to the BFA Program in Creative Writing (majors and minors, first-year and transfer students), please send a portfolio of your creative writing to the Admission Office at admission@belhaven.edu. Please include all documents in one file attachment.

If you are a freshman student applying for admission to the creative writing program and for the Angie Thomas Writer's Scholarship, please view the web page for directions about submitting your BFA application and portfolio.

The portfolio for all applicants should include the following:

  • Twelve to fifteen pages of your best creative writing. You may include the following genres in your application portfolio: poetry, fiction, plays, and creative nonfiction. All of your portfolio may be from one genre or a mix of genres.
  • A three- to four-page essay responding to the following questions:
    • What would you most like others to know about you and your community?
    • How have reading and writing shaped your sense of place and purpose in the world?
    • What would you most like to accomplish as a writer?
    • Include examples that help the reader know you, your community, and your calling as a writer.
  • A cover letter with the following information: name, home address, email address, telephone number, and high school. (Also, how you heard about the Angie Thomas Writer's Scholarship if applying for this award).

The department chair will review your portfolio and respond promptly about your program admission status. After your portfolio review, you may be eligible for additional aid based on the strength of your portfolio and on family financial need.

For more information on scholarships, view other Creative Writing scholarships or call your admission counselor at 800-960-5940.

If you have questions about the creative writing program, please call Dr. Smith at 601-968-8996 (work) or 601-832-7639 (cell). You also can email questions to Dr. Smith at rsmith@belhaven.edu.