If you are looking for a sports related degree, look no further than Belhaven University.

The sports industry is one of the fastest growing job markets and Belhaven University offers a variety of academic sports programs from undergraduate to graduate.

Earning a degree through one of these programs prepares students to confidently step into relevant segments of the sports world like stadium management, injury rehabilitation, contract negotiations, marketing and sports related jobs at the local level.

As a Christian university, Belhaven stresses the importance a teaching from a biblical worldview while maintaining a high standard in academics. Smaller class sizes give students the advantage of working with skilled professors one-on-one. Take a deeper look below at each of the sports degree programs offered at Belhaven.

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Belhaven Sports Majors

Help others reach their goals and find your own fulfillment in the process. The Bachelor of Science degree in Leadership and Coaching at prepares you to specialize in the areas of coaching, developing a sports program, goal-setting, recruiting and budgeting, forecasting, and NCAA compliance.

Have you ever wondered how many tickets it takes to break even for one game at 90,000 seat stadium or how do you improve profitability of concession sales?

A Bachelor of Science in Sports Administration can tackle issues like these and prepare students to be supervisors, managers and administrators in various capacities within athletics.

This sports degree program offers expertise in the administrative applications of coaching, sports administration, sports information, sports related business, facilities management, and sports marketing.

How do highly competitive athletes recover several weeks after a major injury?

Answer: With the help of trained health professionals in sports medicine and exercise science. The Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science equips students with the scientific basis to prepare them for a wide range of service in various health and fitness professions.

This degree trains students how to pursue careers in therapeutics, fitness, fitness management, medicine and education.

Ever wonder what it takes to run a major athletic event? From ticket sales and concessions to equipment management, Belhaven’s Master of Sports Administration could be your ticket.

The Master of Sports Administration (MSA) is an online program, and helps equip graduates for leadership within the sports management industry. The MSA online utilizes the academic, practical and technical skills that are demanded in the sports management world.

Sports administration encompasses a variety of occupations; sports regulations, marketing, negotiations, budgeting, research, project management, and retail are all important and relevant segments in the world of sports.

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