CCAF GEM LogoBelhaven University is proud to partner with the Community College of the Air Force to fulfill the GEM Program.

The GEM program is designed to help Air Force and Space Force Members complete general education courses in pursuit of their CCAF Associate of Applied Science Degree. All of Belhaven's GEM courses are available online, year-round, and from anywhere in the world. Federal Tuition Assistance is accepted at Belhaven University to help with this goal.

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Available Courses

Courses are taught 100% online. Each course is seven weeks.

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Oral Communication

  • SPE 120 - Presenting Speeches

Written Communication

  • ENG 103 - Composition and Rhetoric
  • ENG 108 - Effective Research Writing


  • MAT 202 - Quantitative Reasoning


  • ENG 203 - Survey of World Literature I
  • ENG 204 - Survey of World Literature II

Social Sciences

  • HIS 108 - Civilization II
  • HIS 205 - Contemporary World History
  • ECO 207 - Marketplace Economics
  • PSY 203 - General Psychology
  • SOC 201 - Social Problems
  • SOC 202 - The Family

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