Professional School, Here You Come

Enter professional school with confidence by completing your prerequisites at Belhaven University, a top-ranked Christian university in Jackson, Mississippi.

At Belhaven, caring faculty members push you to succeed academically in preparation for your next chapter. You benefit from advisors who know the professional school admission process and expertly guide you through it. You also learn in a Christian environment that helps you develop the grace and fortitude you need as a health care practitioner.

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FAQs: Pre-Professional Study at Belhaven

Pre-professional study means you’re preparing for admission to a professional school, or a graduate school, that readies you for a specific career path. State and national laws often require a degree from a professional program to work in certain fields, including medicine.

​​​​​Belhaven doesn’t offer specific pre-professional health majors. Instead, you major in any subject you like while working with faculty members to complete the prerequisites required for your preferred professional program. Professors advise our students in these pre-professional health areas:

  • Pre-dental
  • Pre-medicine
  • Pre-occupational therapy
  • Pre-optometry
  • Pre-pharmacy
  • Pre-physical therapy
  • Pre-physician assistant
  • Pre-veterinary medicine

You benefit from one-on-one mentoring with a caring faculty advisor who knows everything there is to know about professional schools and their admission processes. This advisor helps you:

  • Build your class schedule
  • Write your resume
  • Complete your professional school application materials
  • Prepare for your professional school admission interview
  • Get ready for a standardized entrance exam (if necessary)
  • Gain research experience
  • Find job shadowing hours, internships, and relevant volunteer work

Our students usually continue to their desired professional program and complete it successfully. In recent years, graduates have completed medical degrees (both M.D. and D.O.) as well as Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree ​​programs. Alternatively, students gain an interest in research and pursue a Ph.D. in graduate school.

What Belhaven Majors do Pre-professional Health Students Pursue?

The most popular majors for pre-professional health students at Belhaven include ​​biological sciences, chemistry, and sports medicine and exercise ​​science. These majors are ideal for preparing you for professional school entrance exams, including the MCAT, PCAT, or DAT. Many students choose to double major or minor in the arts, business, mathematics, or another subject.

Biological Sciences


Sports Medicine & Excercise Science

Meet Your Advisor

Dr. Brandon Magers

Professor and Chair of Chemistry and Physics and Faculty Fellow of Instructional Technology


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