For all you give to your community, we offer a tuition discount scholarship to all first responders and their spouses. The scholarship reduces our already competitive tuition rates by 20%.

You can apply this scholarship to ​​​​​​almost every Belhaven degree. Please speak with your admission counselor for exceptions.

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Thank You for Your Service

The first responder scholarship is our way of saying thank you. It’s a great way to get started at Belhaven, which offers a variety of academic programs in a caring and Christian environment. Our faculty members care about your success, and we look forward to having you as a Blazer.

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First responders may apply for the scholarship if they’re currently active (part-time or full-time) paid employees or volunteers in the following roles:

  • Dispatchers or 911 operators
  • Emergency medical technicians or paramedics
  • Firefighters
  • Law enforcement officers

We’re proud to also offer this scholarship to spouses of first responders. To be eligible, spouses can’t be presently enrolled at the university.

To apply for the first responder scholarship, simply apply for admission to the university. There’s a place on the application to indicate if you are a first responder or spouse of a first responder.

During the enrollment process, you’ll be asked to provide documentation of your first responder status, such as an agency photo ID, letter of employment, or letter from a supervisor on letterhead. For more information, call 601-968-8881 or email

As part of the admission process, you will need to submit a scanned copy of your credentials. This could include: an agency photo ID, letter of employment, or letter from a supervisor, Chief or Training Officer on letterhead, etc.

You will fill out the regular application for admission. There will be a place on the application to indicate you are a First Responder (or spouse).

The first responder scholarship is available for most of our undergraduate and graduate programs, but it doesn’t apply to nursing, the Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies program, or any of our partnership programs.

It doesn’t reduce university fees or book costs, and it can’t be combined with other scholarships. 

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Discounts for Nurses, Military & Veterans

In addition to providing special scholarships for first responders, Belhaven University also offers ​​​​tuition discount opportunities for nurses, military service members, and veterans.

RN to BSN Discount

Military Benefits

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