Student and Alumni Spotlights for the Graphic Design Program

Kelsey Johnsen, Graphic Design

Name: Kelsey Johnsen
Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Mukwonago, WI
Fact: I love rock climbing, camping and being outdoors!

I chose to come to Belhaven because... of the small size and Christian atmosphere. I was also drawn to the new graphic design program. I was excited to have the opportunity to be a part of something new. I knew that I would get more personal attention here than at a larger university. When I visited Belhaven my senior year I knew that this was the place for me.

One relationship that has meant a lot to me while attending Belhaven University... is my relationship with my RA Brittany. From the beginning of the year she made a point to get to know me and to encourage me to stay close to God. She is now a close friend and mentor. I have formed so many amazing relationships since coming to Belhaven, and it is hard to say which one is most meaningful. I am so thankful for all of my friends and they have certainly made my time here more fun!

Because of my degree from Belhaven University... I am ready to start my career in graphic design. The assignments I am given in class are not only fun, but they also teach me how to solve design problems and give me experiences that are necessary to be a successful designer. All of the faculty are very supportive and they are helping me build a portfolio that clients will notice. They want me to succeed, and they are there to help me along the way by offering me encouragement and critiques.

One word to describe my experience at Belhaven: Friendship

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Kelsey Johnsen, Graphic Design
Kelsey Johnsen

Lacadric Bronson, Graphic Design
Lacadric Bronson

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Kristen McCann

Kathryn Veldhorst, Graphic Design
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