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Prepare for law school and your professional career by earning your undergraduate degree from Belhaven University, a top-ranked Christian university in Jackson, Mississippi.

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Successful Alumni Who Continued to Study Law

Daniel McPherson was one of the first Political Science graduates at Belhaven, graduating in 2005. He worked at Belhaven University and the William Morris Group Insurance Company before deciding to go to law school at Mississippi College of Law, graduating in 2018. Daniel now serves as Assistant District Counsel with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg, MS.

Elliott Clark graduated from Belhaven in 2012. He went to the University of Alabama law school after completing a his Belhaven Political Science degree. Elloitt practiced law at a small firm in Meridian, MS before moving to Utah. Elliott is now serving as an assistant AG at the Attorney General’s Office in Salt Lake City.

Laura Huddleston Carter was a Political Science major at Belhaven. After graduating from Belhaven, Laura attended the Mississippi College School of Law, graduating in 2012. Laura served for several years as a lawyer for the State of Mississippi Department of Revenue.

FAQs: Pre-Law at Belhaven

No. It’s a program designed to help you gain ​​admission to and achieve success in law school. You pick your desired major and work with a faculty advisor throughout your time at Belhaven. This advisor recommends specific courses and provides one-on-one mentoring to help you achieve your goals.

Our most frequent recommendations for majors are​​ political science or history. These majors are recommended because they help you achieve success in law school. They build excellent communication, reading, and writing skills, and they also develop your analytical abilities. Plus, they help you understand complex economic and political institutions.

If you choose political​​ science as your major, we recommend you select history as your minor (and vice versa). Otherwise, consider a minor that will strengthen your professional skills or specialization, such as communications, English, philosophy, or public relations.

You work closely with a caring faculty advisor who knows law schools and their admission processes. This advisor helps you:

  • Build your class schedule
  • Write your resume
  • Complete your law school application materials
  • Prepare for your law school admission interview
  • Get ready for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)​​

More Belhaven Graduates Pursuing Law

Bradley Broughton graduated from Belhaven with a degree in Political Science in 2007.  He completed his law degree from the University of Alabama School of Law in 2012.

Ryan Carr graduated from Belhaven with a degree in Political Science in 2017. He attended Mississippi College School of Law, graduating in 2020.

Anne Karen Tolbert was a 2013 graduate of Belhaven with a degree in Public Relations. As recommended in our Pre-Law guidelines, Anne took several of the Political Science classes that are useful for law school study.  Anne completed a law degree from Mississippi College School of Law in 2020. She went on to do internships with NATO and the U.S. Navy JAG Legal Services Command.  She now serves as a Policy Analyst with the U.S. Treasury Department.

Tiffany Merritt graduated from Belhaven with a degree in Political Science in 2018.  She completed a Master of Legal Studies in Indigenous Peoples Law in 2022 from the University of Oklahoma, and she is planning to continue on to a full law degree.

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Dr. Seth Parry

Dean of the School of Humanities and Ministry and Professor and Chair of History


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