Dear Birmingham Southern students,

We are praying for you in this challenging time and want to be of assistance to you as you determine your next college decision.  Belhaven is a Christ-centered university that is known for our personal support of our students.  Because every student and family situation is different, we want to guarantee you the following four commitments:

  1. We will work closely with you to assure that we come as close as possible to your current net cost financial arrangement at Birmingham Southern.
  2. We will work with you individually to assure that you can transfer the maximum number of academic credits to remain on track to graduation.
  3. We will waive our application fee and expedite your enrollment process to get you an answer as soon as possible.
  4. We will assist you with a heart from Christ to honor your unique gifting and God’s calling in your life.

Please follow the apply now link to begin the process and we will jump in to help you every step of the way. 

Why You’ll Love Transferring to Belhaven

Seamlessly transfer from Birmingham Southern College by taking advantage of our ​​​​transfer credit policy that works with your individual situation.

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Transfer Students Share Their Experience

Several of our transfer students share their experience about coming to Belhaven.  They talk about the ease of the transition, the enjoyment of the small campus and class sizes and the availability and personal care of the faculty and staff. They also stress the importance of getting involved in campus organizations and activities. 

Rebekah Fields: Communications Major, U.S. Senate Intern

Rebekah is a communication major with public relations emphasis student at Belhaven University. She came to Belhaven as a transfer student and says that Belhaven’s size is an advantage because of the contacts her professors have. She did an internship with the US Senate and had a terrific experience learning while working on Capitol Hill. The Christian worldview taught at Belhaven has helped Rebekah understand morals and ethics as she prepared to enter the workforce.

A Promising Turning Point

Roughly 33% of college students transfer before graduation. Students often gain valuable insight after taking college courses or gaining life experience. As a result, goals come into focus and students must change course to reach them.

Others start at a community college for a more affordable start close to home.

Regardless of your reasoning, transferring colleges is a great way to seize new opportunities and get a fresh start.

Why Transfer?

Your current institution may not be the best fit, or maybe you’d like to be closer to home. But one thing’s clear — you deserve a haven as you answer your calling.  

You might transfer colleges for a variety of reasons including:

  • Changing to a major your current university doesn’t offer
  • Your current institution doesn’t have a strong program that supports your goals
  • The culture doesn't reflect your personal values
  • You’re ready for Belhaven’s challenge

​​​​​How to Transfer Colleges

Transferring to another college is different than applying for the first time. Your college transcripts become a key indicator of your academic potential. Your previous test scores and high school transcripts can be considered, but not required.​​​​

Every institution has its own process for evaluating transfer applicants. Here are a few tips for successfully transferring colleges:

  • ​​​​​Let our admissions team know you’re a transfer applicant
  • Request and submit transcripts (PDF) from all institutions attended
  • Work with us to understand how your credits will transfer
  • Your credits will probably transfer, but they may or may not apply to your major in the way you expect
  • Evaluate the financial impact—will you need to extend your time?
  • Get letters of recommendations from current professors
  • Keep applications deadlines and semester start dates in front of you

​​​Belhaven Transfer Checklist

  1. ​​​Complete the application for admission
  2. Request and submit transcripts from all institutions attended
  3. Fill out the FAFSA
  4. Schedule a visit
phi theta kappa transfer honor roll

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Roll

Belhaven University has been named to the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Roll in recognition of the dynamic pathways that have created to support transfer students. As a PTK student, you qualify for a minimum of $16,000 in scholarships when you enroll and live on campus at Belhaven.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transferring to Belhaven

​​​​​Belhaven uses your GPA from other colleges or universities to make acceptance decisions. However, your GPA does not transfer to Belhaven unless your courses pertain to a specific degree program you’re admitted into.

Belhaven considers a transfer student to be anyone who's earned college credits after graduating high school.

Belhaven University has a liberal credit transfer policy — meaning, we work with you to make sure credits earned at an accredited college or university will ​​​​transfer. You’ll need to submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities previously attended.

The Office of the Registrar will determine how your college credits will transfer after reviewing your official transcripts. You must submit all transcripts from any colleges or universities previously attended.

  • While any number of college-level credits can be transferred a transferring student must complete their last 31 academic hours at Belhaven, to Belhaven.
  • ​​​Up to 45 college credits can also be earned for prior experiences & learning.

Transfer students are required to have one of the following:

  • High school diploma
  • GED

Admission Standards

Your specific requirements will depend on the number of credits transferring to Belhaven. A minimum GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale is required for all previously earned credits for any student transferring to Belhaven.

30-64 Credit Hours
  • A maximum of 64 credit hours will be accepted from a junior or community college
  • The remaining 60 hours towards an undergraduate degree must be earned at a senior college (Belhaven)
  • Transcripts must be submitted from any college or university where you took courses
12-30 Credits
  • ACT or SAT score reports may be requested
  • Essays, interviews, and letters of recommendation may be requested
  • Transcripts must be submitted from any college or university where you took courses
Fewer Than 12 Credits
  • Your ACT or SAT score reports may be requested
  • You may need to provide essays, interviews, and letters of recommendation
  • Have your official high school transcript sent directly to Belhaven University
  • Transcripts must be submitted from any college or university where you took courses

Essays, Recommendations Letters & Test Scores

We encourage all transfer students to submit an essay and any letters of recommendation they may have. These materials are not mandatory but are always considered.

If we need more information to evaluate your record, we might ask you to write about it (essay), talk to us (interview), or provide third-party insight (ACT or SAT scores, or letters of recommendation).

You can send your ACT or SAT scores by signing into your ACT or College Board account. Each of those websites provides detailed instructions on how to send test scores and retrieve account details if you ​​​​don’t know your login and password.

​​​For scholarship purposes, an official ACT or SAT score report and high school transcript if you've attempted less than 30 credit hours may be requested. Minimum requirement for automatic acceptance is 18 ACT composite or 940 combined critical reading and math SAT score.

Belhaven’s Institutional Codes

  • ACT = 2180
  • SAT = 1055

We strongly encourage you to attend. Transfer Orientation Day gives you the chance to meet your academic advisors, register for classes and hear from key leaders.

Students are required to have the following vaccinations:

  • 2 Mumps/Measles/Rubella
  • COVID vaccines are encouraged but not required
two people looking at spreadsheets and charts while taking notes and using a calculator

Your Personal Plan: Paying for College

Our Tuition Cost Estimator can help you plan for the cost of your college education. While it’s only an estimate of your net price and aid eligibility, it can be a useful tool for future planning.

Estimate Your Costs

Meet our Transfer Students

“I have always felt welcome since transferring to Belhaven. Nowhere else will you find such a friendly and supportive community that accepts you for who you are. Transferring to Belhaven University has been one of the most rewarding decisions of my life.”
Jonathan Barnes, History, Brandon, MS

“I transferred to Belhaven, but if I had known then what I know now, Belhaven would have been my first college choice. I love the atmosphere and the biblical foundation at Belhaven. The professors are excited about teaching and passionate about what we discuss in class.”
Keana Grissom, Biblical Studies, Carthage, MS, transfer

“I would never have seen myself as the artist I’m becoming if I hadn’t transferred to Belhaven.”
Lauren (Morris) Watts, Visual Arts Major, transfer

Contact Us

Office of Admission

Phone: 601-968-5940

Mailing Address:
1500 Peachtree Street, Box 153
Jackson, MS 39202

For campus visit:
Jimmy Hood Welcome Center
855 Riverside Drive
Jackson, MS 39202

Fax: 601-300-2932

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Verse of the Year

God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.

Philippians 2:13