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Film Production


Rick Negron, Chair

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The Belhaven Film Production program is a rigorous, hands-on experience where students learn how to communicate and tell stories through the medium of film in a Christ-centered environment. Students will be trained in all aspects of filmmaking to best develop their knowledge and wisdom and to understand how they can best serve in this industry. Students will graduate with a portfolio and a post-graduation plan that will help them prepare for their professional and ministerial futures.

What will I study?

This major will cover the basics areas of filmmaking: writing, producing, cinematography, directing, and editing. Within these areas, students will learn a variety of technical, creative, and professional skills. The goal is to help students be comfortable with all areas of production while helping them discover their specific passions and giftings in this field.

What can I do as a career with a film production degree?

Students will learn specific technical skills and develop their creative abilities. Therefore, they will be poised to work in film, television, advertising, ministry, and numerous other fields that incorporate film and video.

Why choose a film production major from Belhaven University?

The Belhaven Film Production program is one of the few Christian-based film programs in the Southeast United States. Jackson has the most film and television production activity in the state, providing the best opportunities for student professional development and internships. Community and discipleship is a main focus of the program, as students will work closely with each other and their professors, creating a family-like atmosphere.

What kind of opportunities will I have at Belhaven that will contribute toward my career?

Students will have the opportunity to make short narrative and non-fiction films as well as other projects such as commercials, promotional, and ministerial videos. Students will edit these projects together to create a portfolio/demo reel that can be shared with others. Students and staff will co-labor with professionals and organizations in the community to allow for rich instructional experiences and opportunities for career development.