Bachelor of Music in Composition

For students who are called to be composers, Belhaven's Bachelor of Music in Composition provides a reputable, focused foundation for a lifetime of creating music.  It is geared towards students who desire serious preparation for further study in music.  Like all of Belhaven's degrees, the Christian worldview is the foundation to the entire curriculum.

Graduates are prepared to audition for graduate programs following their Senior Composition Concert, and if students choose a route other than graduate school, they can pursue musical careers in composition, teaching, church music, or other musical endeavors.

Music scholarships are available.

Distinctive Course Offerings

  • Music Theory I
  • Music Theory II
  • Musicianship I
  • Musicianship II
  • Music Theory III
  • Music Theory IV
  • Musicianship III
  • Musicianship IV
  • Introduction to Compositional Process
  • Seminar on Music Culture: Worldview & Aesthetics
  • Counterpoint I & II
  • Form and Analysis I & II
  • Conducting Basics
  • History of Music I
  • History of Music II
  • World Music
  • Orchestration
  • Survey of New Music
  • Music Studio Class
  • Private Music Lessons: 1 applied area, 5 semesters required
  • Private Music Lessons: Composition, 6 semesters required
  • Music Ensembles
  • Composers Forum
  • Junior Recital
  • Senior Recital
  • Pass piano proficiency juries

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For More Information

Contact the music administrative assistant or 601-974-6494 or you can contact the Admission Office at or 800-960-5940 (toll free) or 601-968-5940 (locally). Also, you can fill out our online form to request additional information.