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Bachelor of Business Administration

Major: Business Administration

Minor: Business Administration, Finance, Marketing Management

Concentration: Entrepreneurship

Contact Information:
Dr. Chip Mason,
Dean, School of Business

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The Bachelor of Business Administration degree educates students in a manner that will enhance their opportunities for success in their chosen careers. As a Christian liberal arts college, Belhaven emphasizes the importance of Christian values and ethics in business. With this foundational Christian curriculum, Belhaven's business degree provides a well-rounded education with an emphasis in each of the following areas: Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Management, and Marketing. Students in this department are encouraged to apply for one of the numerous internships made accessible through Belhaven's relationships in the business community.

The Belhaven University School of Business has been recognized by Business Reform Magazine as one of the best Christian Business Schools in the country. It was praised for job placement, biblically focused curriculum, and quality of faculty. Successful Alumni have found careers in financial accounting, management, government, retail, and public administration at prestigious businesses around the country.