Bachelor of Arts in Music: No Emphasis

The Bachelor of Arts in Music (No Emphasis) is the gateway to all other degree programs including a common core of music courses, ensembles and private music lessons and recitals totaling 48 credit hours.  If desired, students may choose one of two emphases that may be coupled with this degree--Music Ministries OR Worship Arts.  As a gateway to Bachelor of Music professional degree programs, students may enter the BAM degree program and then audition for the admission to the BM degree program, usually after their freshmen year.

Music Scholarships are available.

Distinctive Course Offerings

  • Music Theory I
  • Music Theory II
  • Musicianship I
  • Musicianship II
  • Music Theory III
  • Music Theory IV
  • Musicianship III
  • Musicianship IV
  • Introduction to Compositional Process
  • Seminar on Music Culture: Worldview & Aesthetics
  • Conducting Basics
  • History of Music I
  • History of Music II
  • World Music
  • Music Studio Class
  • Private Music Lessons: 1 applied area, 5 semesters required
  • Music Ensembles
  • Junior Recital
  • Music electives (2 credits)
  • Passing piano proficiency juries is recommended for all students except pianists in the Bachelor of Arts in Music (no emphasis) but is not required.

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For More Information

Contact the music administrative assistant or 601-974-6494 or you can contact the Admission Office at or 800-960-5940 (toll free) or 601-968-5940 (locally). Also, you can fill out our online form to request additional information.