School of Business Faculty

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Dr. Ralph A. Mason III Dr. Ralph A. Mason III (1995) Dean of the School of Business
B.A., Duke University
M.Ed., Ph.D., The University of North Carolina
Dr. Geoff Goldsmith Dr. Geoffrey P. Goldsmith (1993) Professor of Accounting and Chair of the Accounting Department
B.A., Hillsdale College
M.B.A., Michigan State University
M.T.S., Wheaton College
Ph.D., Kent State University
Dr. Jinkiri Dr. Yusufu Jinkiri (1998) Professor of Business Administration
B.S., Ahmada Bello University (Nigeria)
M.A., Wheaton College
Ph. D., University of Connecticut
Dr. William M. Penn, Jr. Dr. William M. Penn, Jr. (1981) Professor of Economics and Business
A.B. Western Maryland College
Ph.D., Duke University
Dr. Marsha James, Business Faculty Dr. Marsha James (2010) Associate Professor of Business Administration
B.S., The University of Texas at Austin
M.B.A., Millsaps College
Ph.D., The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.
Susan Duett Dr. Susan Duett (2016) Assistant Professor of Health Administration
B.S., Mississippi State University
M.B.A, Mississippi State University
Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Claude Hays Claude Peter Hays III (1998) Assistant Professor of Business Administration
B.S., M.B.A., University of Southern Mississippi
Ying Lin

Dr. Ying Lin (2019) Assistant Professor of Business and Economics and Director of Chinese MBA Program
B.B.A, Zhengzhou Institute of Aeronautical Industry Management
M.B.A., Kansas State University
M.A., Economics, Kansas State University
Ph.D., Economics, Kansas State University

Eleanor Nabors Dr. Eleanor Nabors (2017) Assistant Professor of Business Law
B.B.A., Mississippi State University
M.B.A., University of Mississippi
J.D., Mississippi College
Brenda Redfern Dr. Brenda Redfern (2019) Assistant Professor and Director of Public Administration
B.B.A., University of Mississippi
MAcc, Stetson University
J.D., University of Mississippi School of Law
Ginger Roark, Assistant Professor of Accounting Ginger Roark (2013) Assistant Professor of Accounting
B.A., University of Mississippi
M.B.A., Mississippi College
CPA, Mississippi College
Phil Scherrer Dr. Philip Scherrer (2019) Assistant Professor of Business Administration
J.D., University of Detroit
M.B.A., Michigan State University
Ph.D., Michigan State University
William Tabor Dr. William Tabor (2018) Assistant Professor of Business Administration
B.S., Mississippi State University
M.S., Vanderbilt University
M.Div. Westminster Theological Seminary
A.B.D., Mississippi State University
Dr. Antwon Woods Dr. Antwon Woods (2018) Assistant Professor of Sports Management and Business Administration and Chair of the Sports Management Department
B.B.A., Jackson State University
M.S., Middle Tennessee State University
M.B.A., Louisiana State University
Ph.D., Jackson State University
Dr. Carol Ward (2016) Instructor of Business
B.A., Mississippi Valley State University
M.B.A., Webster University
Ph.D., University of Phoenix