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Put your bachelor’s degree to work as a servant leader in your community schools. Earning your educator certification is easy — Belhaven University has the convenient online classes you need to start teaching school in Mississippi in less than a year.

Your courses will cover classroom management, evaluation strategies, legal and social issues, and more. Mentoring during Teacher Residency courses gives you valuable support as you navigate your first years of teaching.

Schools across the state and around the country need caring, confident experts like you. Get started today.

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Mississippi Alternate Teacher Certification Online

Alternate Teacher Certification at Belhaven: It’s That Easy

High Demand for Talented Teachers

The need for teachers has never been greater. The time for answering your call to service is now.

Accomplished Mentors

Our highly qualified faculty members have many years of experience in K-12 classrooms.

A Legacy of Service

Belhaven University has been training teachers since 1883.

Christian Worldview

You are challenged to think critically and analytically about who God is — and who you are — as we equip you to fulfill your calling to glorify God and be a blessing to the world.

How Teacher Licensing in Mississippi Works

License Level License Term How to Qualify
Class A Provisional 3 years
Class A Standard 5 years
  • Complete courses EDU 502 and EDU 503 during your first or second year of teaching
Class AA Standard No term
  • Pass the required Praxis tests

Online Teacher Certification: What You Need to Know

Applicants must meet the following to be admitted to the program:

GPA or Test Requirements

  • 3.0 cumulative GPA on last 60 hours of undergraduate/graduate work; OR
  • 21 ACT higher or qualifying SAT score; OR
  • Required passing scores on Praxis Core Test


Prior to admission, applicants must pass a PRAXIS II Test in an approved content/subject area that aligns with the Belhaven University School of Education’s MAT program approved by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) to permit the School of Education to make recommendations for the MDE Three-Year Alternate License. (pdf)

Applying for admission to Belhaven’s online graduate programs is quick and easy. When you have all your supporting documentation ready, just complete and submit our online application form.

How to Apply

These rates are for August 1, 2023 through July 31, 2024.

Program Per Credit Hour
Master of Arts in Teaching $605
Classroom Leadership Scholarship Rate $469

Classroom Leadership Scholarships are available for Mississippi teachers. Scholarships are applied to candidates who are enrolled in the Master of Arts in teaching program and are worth $400 per class.

Visit the Scholarships, Tuition & Fees page to view other fees as well as the cost estimate calculator.

The Belhaven University Educator Licensure Preparation Programs are in compliance with Federal Regulations: 34 CFR 668.43 (a) (5) (v) and 34 CFR 668.43 (c), requiring disclosures by institutions regarding educational requirements for programs leading to professional licensure or certification regardless of modality. The Belhaven University School of Education has made no determination as to whether Belhaven’s Educator Preparation Programs and curriculum meet other state educational requirements for educator licensure other than those educator licensure programs approved by the state of Mississippi. All of the Belhaven University School of Education educator preparation degree programs leading to educator licensure have been approved by the Mississippi Department of Education. The Belhaven University School of Education’s Educator Preparation Licensure Programs do not automatically qualify candidates for an educator licensure, certification upgrade, endorsement, or pay increase within their state of residence or state of their employment. Out-of-state candidates are responsible for ascertaining the requirements for licensure, endorsement, or pay increase by the state where they seek employment or licensure. For individuals seeking clarity on whether the teacher educator programs offered by the Belhaven University School of Education align with licensure requirements in their potential employment or licensure state, the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (NC-SARA) has provided a helpful web link. This NC-SARA link contains a comprehensive list of State Departments or Agencies responsible for Teacher Educator Licensure in each state. The list includes contact information and website links to the respective state's educator licensure requirements. Access the information through the following link: Professional Licensure Directory:

Comprehensive Curriculum

After you get your initial 3-year teaching license and obtain a Mississippi teaching position in your licensed area, please follow the link below to submit your petition to be accepted into the appropriate Teacher Residency course.

After you get your initial 3-year teaching license and obtain a Mississippi teaching position in your licensed area, please follow the link below to submit your petition to be accepted into the appropriate Teacher Residency course.

Meet the Dean

Dr. David Hand

Dean of the School of Education


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