Veterans and dependents of veterans may be eligible for benefits for education under Title 38 of the United States Code. If you are entitled to either VA or military benefits, submit a copy of your Form DD214. Active members should submit DD295 forms. To apply for benefits, you must complete the Application for Education Benefits (VA Form 22-1990) available from the VA Office.

Currently Belhaven University’s student veterans, service members, and dependents rely on the Student Financial Services for the processing of their educational benefits. This service is offered through a staff that consists of 1 School Certifying Officials trained and recertified annually in all aspects of Veterans Benefits for higher education as well as an additional 4 professional employees highly trained and credentialed in the eligibility and administration of Federal Student Aid. Additional staffing consists of support staff and student workers to assist the students with navigating the process of application and eligibility.

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Scholarships and Tuition


Federal Tuition Assistance

  • Obtain Tuition Assistance Authorization (TA) forms from your base Education Officer.
  • Submit Tuition Assistance Forms in Blazenet via the Submit SFS Docs button as close to the start date of class as possible.


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