College Can Be Affordable

We know cost is a major factor when selecting an institution of higher learning. That’s why we strive to keep our tuition rates and fees affordable and competitive. It’s also why we offer many need-based financial aid options.

98% of undergrad Belhaven University students receive some type of aid. This aid ranges from federal grants or loans to institutional scholarships and work-study programs. We’re committed to building a customized financial aid package that lets you enjoy your time as a Blazer.

Determining Your Expected Personal Contribution & Merit-Based Aid

To calculate the amount of your financial aid package, we begin with the difference between our total cost and the amount you can contribute. Our formula looks like this:

Belhaven Total Cost (—) Expected Personal Contribution = Your Need

We determine your contribution amount using data from your most recent tax return. If you’re a dependent on someone else’s tax return, we use their information, although we also consider any income you may have.

Additionally, we consider assets (other than homes and retirement accounts), the size of your family, and the number of family members who are enrolled in college.

As part of the application process, we may award you merit-based aid, including institutional grants and scholarships. Those awards are applied at this step.

Determining Your Need-Based Aid

If the cost of attending Belhaven exceeds your expected personal contribution and merit-based aid, you may be eligible for need-based aid from the U.S. Department of Education.

This federal aid ranges from grants that don’t have to be repaid to low-interest loans. Your eligibility for this aid is determined by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Federal and State Aid

Belhaven participates in many federal need-based financial assistance programs, including:


Federal loans, administered by the U.S. Department of Education, are common tools for funding the investment that is a university education. They do have to be paid back, so borrow carefully. Here are the basic categories to begin your research on the options available to you:

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Undergrad Scholarships

Learn about additional scholarships for first year undergrad and transfer students as well as the benefits of the Belhaven Advantage.

More Undergrad Scholarships

The Belhaven Advantage

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Estimate Your Aid Amount

Our Tuition Cost Estimators can help you plan for the cost of your college education. While it’s only an estimate of your net price and aid eligibility, it can be a useful tool for future planning.

Undergrad On-Campus

Online & Graduate

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