The White Snake Theatre Production

White Snake

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November 11-12, 16-19
Blackbox Theatre

Welcome to this performance of Mary Zimmerman’s adaptation of The White Snake! We are thrilled to share with you this delightful re-telling of one of China’s most famous stories. One of the things I most admire about Mary Zimmerman is the way she strives to make
culturally-specific stories accessible and available to a broader audience.

I first became acquainted with the Legend of White Snake in 2012 when I attended the world premiere of Zimmerman’s adaptation at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Like many in the audience that day – and perhaps like you, too! – I was not familiar with the legend before the play began. I wondered if I would be able to relate to the story, or if it would feel distant and foreign to me. But what I found, instead, was a play that asked many of the same questions that most of us have grappled with at some point in our lives:

What is the nature and value of friendship?
What happens to us after we die?
Is it possible to be seen for who we really are and still be loved?

The Legend of White Snake is one of the Four Great Folktales of China, coming from an oral tradition long before its first recorded versions in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) – a period where Confucianism and Buddhism were dominant beliefs of the day. While those philosophies are evident in the story of White Snake, it just may be that a Chinese fable can remind us of the transformative power of divine, unconditional love.

Thank you for your support of Belhaven University Theatre!

Elissa Sartwell, Director

Scene from The White Snake

White Snake - Frannie Maas
Green Snake - Laina Jo Faul
Xu Xian - C.J. Riggs
Fa Hai - Connor Bingham
Guan Yin - Sonja Håkkinen
Canopus and others - Grace Reeves
Stag Spirit and others - Theodore Lott III
Crane Spirit and others - Noelle Balzer
Doubt and others- Aryelle Tuttle
Sisters and others - Sophia Bauer
Acolyte and others - Alberto Meza
Master Lin and others -Dillon Cannon
Townspeople and others - Zadie Buehrle, Christy Robeson
Dream Dragon and others - Kyra Smiley
Understudies - Theodore Lott III, Sophia Bauer, Kyra Smiley

Production Staff
Director - Elissa Sartwell
Choreographer - Kyra Smiley
Stage Manager - Alice Bryant
Scenic & Lighting Design - Luis Ramirez
Technical Director - Rebekah Bert
Costume Design - Becky Freeman
Sound Design - Frank Dolansky
Properties Master - Laina Jo Faul
Puppet Master - Dr. David S. Sollish
Dramaturg - Sonja Håkkinen
Assistant Stage Managers - Zadie Buehrle, Caleb Henry
Assistant Choreographer - Noelle Balzer
Scenic Charge Artist - Sarah Grace Harris
Hair & Makeup Design - Courtney Holifield
Sound Assistant - Benjamin Shrader
House Manager - Lydia Brandt
Box Office Manager - Amy Smith
Logo/Poster Design - Corrie Hung

Master Dresser - Sarah Grace Harris
Dressers - Leonela Hernandez, Mac Mitchell, Madison Parrott
Rigging - James Kenyon
Light Board Operator & Projectionist - Rebecca Lapeyre
Sound Board Operator - Kelsey Sollish
Sound Effects - Josh Noe
Run Crew - Fred Arnold, Kyra Smiley
Wardrobe Maintenance - Alberto Meza
Front of House - Marlon Banks, Morgan Hillman
Puppet Design & Construction - Emily Barrett, Dillon Cannon, Madison Ellis, Noelle Jones, Samuel McFatridge, Madison Parrott, Joshua Pirtle, Kyra Smiley


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