The Mayfair Affair: A Farce Premiere Workshop Production

The Mayfair Affair

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February 23-25, February 25 - March 3, 2012
Blackbox Theatre

This brand new work is the farcical story of John and Samantha Mayfair and their desperate attempt to sell their final financial asset - the Mayfair Diamond - at a weekend affair at their estate. But their guest's schemes turn them all into potential thieves, even the Mayfairs themselves. Be one of the first audiences to enjoy this Premiere Workshop Production! Directed by faculty member John Maxwell.

The Mayfair Affiar

Director's Notes
Probably one of the most exciting experiences in theatre along with one of the scariest is working on new material. There is really no barometer like an audience, and with a completely new piece there is no really proven way to anticipate how they will react. And after all, isn't that how theatre productions are ultimately gauged? Certainly there are hints at how they may respond with the cast and crew's own reaction, but that reaction is not un-bias. It's only when you have an audience that you really know.

THE MAYFAIR AFFAIR is virgin territory. It's been fun working on it. We've sailed uncharted waters. I think it's been a wonderful learning experience for all of us, and we'll probably take away much more with this experience than if we had done a proven piece.

So please sit back and enjoy the process. You are, more so than usual, the final chapter.
John Maxwell, director

Director's Biography
John Maxwell is best known for his one-man play on Willaim Faulkner titled "OH, MR. FAULKNER DO YOU WRITE" He also is the founder of FISH TALE GROUP, a non-profit organization dedicated to illuminating scripture through original drama. He served as the Artistic Director for New Stage Theatre and as Drama Coordinator at Galloway United Methodist Church where he still maintains an office. He is the proud father of Townes, who recently graduated from the University of Mississippi Law School and is married to Katie Laird.

Joseph Frost
Joseph Frost is a playwright, director and actor living in Jackson, Mississippi, with his wife Shannon, and their children Nina, Darby and Emory. His short play, The Great Play, won the 2000 Regent University One Act Competition, and was produced, along with his play, Braids, at Belhaven in 2005. His one act bio-play van Gogh was produced at an exhibit of the artist's work at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia. Eight of his short plays were featured in the 2006 Malone College Playwright's Showcase in Canton, Ohio. His play Anathema was given a reading at the 2009 New Works Festival at the Square Top Repertory Theatre in Colorado. A set of three short plays, called The Memory Trilogy, has been given readings (either whole or in part) in VA, MS, NC, and New York City and was produced by Belhaven in 2006; while his play, Oz, was read at the 2004 Art Within Symposium and Showcase in Atlanta, and developed into the independent feature film Before We Close, produced by Tribal Cadence/ CineMoments films (CA). Joseph has penned several short films, including the Cine Award winning The Heart of Saturday Night, as well as And One for the Organizer with Yellow Line Entertainment (NY). Joseph is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, is the Mississippi State Representative to the board of the Southeastern Theatre Conference ( SETC) and is on the Board of Directors for the Fondren Theatre Workshop. He is a member of Christians in Theatre Arts (CITA), and is an Assistant Professor of Theatre and department chair at Belhaven University. Joseph is the artistic director of the floodlight theatre company.

Written by Joseph Frost
Directed by John Maxwell
Assistant Director Ginny Holladay
Costume Designer Nadine Grant
Scenic & Lighting Designer Kris Dietrich
Stage Manager Alex Fortin
Assistant Stage Manager Ellen Thombley & Maggie Hollis
Sound Descigner Amy Grabow
Technical Director Rebekah Bert
John Mayfair Chadwick Harman
Samatha Mayfair Jill Cromwell
Miles Andrew Dalton
Gus Heckert Matthew Hester
Cassie Blaylock Sarah Renick
Roderick E. Mansfield Daniel Wimberly
Kitty Kensington Mansfield Eleanor Baxter
Sam Ingersoll/Ralph Dave Harris
Jaqueline Poquelin/Val Stephanie Bishop
Ilsa/Bernice Layne Yancey

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