In fall 2023, Belhaven opened a multi-million parking garage at the center of campus. The new five-story parking complex, solved the University’s parking challenges and now provides ample parking spaces due to increased enrollment.

The garage was constructed over the existing parking lot between Heidelberg Gymnasium and Dr. Billy Kim International Center. Access is from the two university entrances off Peachtree Street, with one entrance putting drivers at the lowest level of the garage and the other higher in the garage.

Access to the parking garage is limited to faculty, staff and students. Visitors to campus can park in the following locations:

  • Admission visit – Parking lot at the Welcome Center. Contact with any questions pertaining to your visit.
  • Arts events – Parking lots at the Center of the Arts or Bitsy Irby Arts & Dance Center, or on the street. 
  • Athletic events taking place at the Belhaven Bowl stadium, Track and Field Complex, or Heidelberg Gymnasium - Parking will be available in the Parking Garage as well as the lot next to the Hood Library, Bitsy Irby Arts & Dance Center, or on the street.
  • Please note, we will host visitors to park in the garage for approved, sanctioned events on campus and the access gates will be open as well for ease of access and exit.
  • All other general visitors are welcome to park in available spots in the Arlington Street lot (next to the Hood Library) or on the street.

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